Workplace HR Solutions

Workplace HR Solutions appreciates that WorkCover premiums represent a significant expense to employers, however concentrating on this area alone means that employers often lose sight of the bigger picture.  Non-productive return to work scenarios or suitable duties that are no longer progressing toward a pre-injury goal can be equally damaging and just as costly as any perceived premium saving.

We also recognise that WorkCover claims are often multi-dimensional involving other issues in a workplace, whether they be inter-personal conflicts, Industrial Relations, Bullying or Harassment, General HR management or Occupational Health & Safety.  Accordingly we offer a range of competitively priced training and consulting services to assist you strategically manage this sometimes complex area.

At Workplace HR Solutions our goal is to assist you develop holistic solutions to manage your WorkCover liabilities having regard to the welfare of the injured worker, co-workers, the workplace itself and your financial bottom line.